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Commissioners reveal 2019 Citizen Survey results

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Citizen input from more than 1,500 Douglas County residents via the 2019 Citizen Survey was shared today by the Board of Douglas County Commissioners. Hill Research Consultants designed and implemented the survey, the County’s ninth since 2006.

Acknowledging noted concerns about traffic congestion from the 2017 survey, the Board’s 2019 survey pursued opinion on proposals that would: invest more of our tax dollars in smart technologies that will help improve traffic flow (89% approve) and redirecting existing sales tax dollars to growth-related projects like roads and infrastructure (87% approve).

Among other key findings, 96% affirm the accuracy of the statement: Douglas County is a good place to raise a family; 83% affirm Douglas County has good County government; 80% are satisfied with County employee interactions; and 93% believe that Douglas County is a friendly place.  Regarding voter opinion on public safety, 98% agree Douglas County is a safe place to live & work; and 89% express satisfaction with law enforcement by the Sheriff’s Office.

“Our Board is united in our belief that quantifiable, representative public opinion is a valuable resource in guiding the Board’s funding and policy decisions,” said Douglas County Commissioner and Board Chair Roger Partridge on behalf of the Board. “Our citizen survey is one of our ongoing means to engage Douglas County communities in the process of County governance,” Partridge said.

Regarding a survey question related to the most recent passage of HB19-1177, known as Colorado’s new ‘red flag’ law, the Board “sought quantifiable data confirming where Douglas County stands on this issue and the data reveal a divided community,” said Dr. David B. Hill, Director of Hill Research Consultants.

In response to the questions asking respondents, “what point of view is closest to your own,” 53% selected allow law enforcement to seize guns temporarily; and 45% chose unconstitutional denial of due process; dangerous.

The Board has publicly stated concern about the constitutionality of this new law, while expressing support for public safety and their commitment to mental health services.

Using the most current list of Douglas County voter registrations as the survey baseline, 1,515 registered voters participated in the survey from April 8 – 17, 2019, the largest number of participants in any County Citizen survey.

Interviews were conducted by phone (120 by landline and 282 by cell phone) and online (1,039 via open-link and 74 via online panel).

Results are weighted to match the Douglas County voter file for gender, age, party and geographic distributions. The findings have a margin of error of +\- 2.5% for 1,515 cases.

The 2019 Citizen Survey questions and findings are available on the Douglas County website.

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