County Announces 2019 Sandstone Ranch Hikes, Rides, Walks and more


From guided wildflower hikes and horseback rides to sketching, nature walks and more, are you ready to experience historic Sandstone Ranch?

While Douglas County’s newest Open Space property is in the process of Master Plan development, officials also recognize the importance of public access.

The May 5 through October 19, 2019 Guided Access Schedule, just published to the County’s website, acknowledges the public’s excitement about Sandstone Ranch and demonstrates the willingness by the County to open it up for guided access.

Each activity is limited to 20 participants and each individual participant must complete an online registration form.

While individuals are welcome to register, these activities are not designed for organized groups. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult on a hike, ride or other activity.

Registration will open on the second Wednesday of every month for events offered in the following month.

“Public interest in this property exceeds that of any previously acquired Open Space locations in Douglas County,” said Roger Partridge, Chair of the Board of Douglas County Commissioners. “We are very pleased to provide guided access to the property for many to enjoy in so many different ways, while the Master Plan process continues,” said Partridge, on behalf of the Board.

With its spectacular views, expansive hay meadows, red rock formations, wildlife habitat, historic ranching operation, and 3.5 miles of common boundary with Pike National Forest, Sandstone Ranch is the crown jewel of all Douglas County’s Open Space properties.

This recently acquired 2,038-acre ranch borders the Pike National Forest and features an extraordinarily diverse landscape, featuring red rock formations and sloping meadows; vast wildlife habitat and corridors, expansive and diverse vegetation and other natural resources; as well as cultural and historic assets, including a historic ranch operation and a number of historic buildings dating back to its original owners in the 1870s.

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