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Douglas County is Colorado’s healthiest

County ranks # 1 in Colorado for the fourth consecutive year.

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Congratulations residents of Douglas County! You live in the Colorado County ranked healthiest in the state.

According to the 2019 “County Health Rankings” report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Douglas County Colorado ranks No. 1 for overall health outcomes for the fourth consecutive year. The County has been ranked by the Foundation as one of the top two healthiest Colorado Counties since 2011.

The Foundation compared data over an expansive range of fields, including health outcomes like length and quality of life, as well as health factors such as education; access to locations for physical activities; obesity rates; teen birth rates; and more.

“What a privilege it is to serve on a governing Board for a County whose residents so consistently demonstrate the state’s top rankings in overall health outcomes and behaviors,” said Douglas County Commissioner and Board Chair Lora Thomas, on behalf of the Board.

Douglas County residents, for example, have the highest quality of life, the top health behaviors and health factors and the top set of social and economic factors, which look at education, employment and income.

For more information on the study – which weighs health and demographic factors for all 64 Colorado counties – and to see the complete rankings, please visit

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