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Eleven area food banks to share $52,000 donation from Douglas County

Food banks report 400% increase in demand over same period last year, while food donations decreased.

Empty Cupboard - Food Bank

Updated April 15, 2020

Douglas County food banks just received an immediate solution to a 400% increase in food demand – thanks to a $52,000 contribution from Douglas County – allowing organizations to sustain food supplies.

“The impacts of COVID-19 were felt and presented challenges to many in our community almost immediately,” said Roger Partridge, Board Chair.

“During the past month, while the demand on food banks increased, donations to food banks from their most reliable source – grocery stores – decreased, due to limited stock,” said Commissioner Lora Thomas.

“In these uncertain times, it is a priority for this Board that our citizens aren’t left without something to eat. As the demand for food has gone up four-fold this donation will help ensure food banks have enough as we recover from this crisis,” said Commissioner Abe Laydon.

In the past, food drives and other calls for food donations were a large part of the solution. Due to current public health circumstances, community food drives are not a safe option, and while the County’s donation is part of the solution, the demand for food will continue.

To donate directly to local food banks please visit or the food bank websites directly:

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