Communities should reflect widely held community values, such as citizen health, safety, conservation of resources, efficiency, beauty and equity.  The vision of the County’s citizens is embodied in the Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP), the keystone to the County’s growth management program.  The Planning Services Division facilitates implementation of the CMP through review of land use applications, which are presented to the Board of County Commissioners as the decision-making body. The vision of the CMP is further expressed in policy and regulatory documents, including the Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan, Transportation Plan, and Subdivision and Zoning Resolutions.

Planning Services staff evaluates land-use proposals for conformance with the regulations and CMP goals and policies.  The division also handles addressing for the County; provides zoning compliance; issues sign permits; and provides site development administration for nonresidential construction.  In addition, administrative support is provided to the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment.

Project Records Online (PRO)

Click here to view Project Records Online

Planning Services, a Division of the Department of Community Development, launched a web-based project tracking tool that provides citizens with easy access to current and archived land development projects.  This tool, called Project Records Online (PRO),  allows citizens to access commercial, residential and industrial development applications; proposed zoning and rezoning requests; subdivision regulation changes; long-range planning activities; and Community Services’ programs and projects.  Users have the ability to view all associated documents; correspondence and exhibits, along with review status; related projects; and maps showing the project location, zoning and aerial views.  When viewing selected projects, users may email the project planner directly and view the County Assessor’s Office web pages for detailed project information.

Please contact Planning Services at 303-660-7460 with any questions.