Professional Land Surveyor Responsibilities

The Professional Land Surveyor roles and responsibilities are to:

  • Review your deed along with other evidence and render a professional opinion as to the locations and any conflicts of the boundaries of your land.
  • Set monuments at your property corners and mark them so they can be easily found and identified.
  • Keep an accurate record of all services performed and measurements obtained.
  • Identify and advise you of any apparent defect in your land description or evidence of conflict of ownership and/or use.
  • Prepare a plat or map of your property indicating boundary measurements, the monuments found and placed, and the calculated area.
  • Provide the client with a copy of the plat or map which bears the Professional Land Surveyor’s signature and seal.
  • Deposit a cop of said plat or map in the respective County Records where the land is located. This will ensure that the plat or map is available for public inspection by other Professional Land Surveyors and property owners.

In addition, a Professional Land Surveyor is qualified to:

  • Create a property description for all new parcels or any existing parcels that may have a defect.
  • Appear in court as an expert witness concerning real property ownership, location or use.
  • Assist you in the planning and layout of the Lots, Blocks, Streets, Easements, etc. in a new subdivision.