Anti-Stigma Campaign & Media Initiatives

Talking about and changing the conversation about our mental health


In partnership with Tri-County Health Department, Douglas County, and more than 20 other public and private healthcare agencies, The Let’s Talk Colorado campaign provides tips, information, and resources to encourage Coloradans to talk openly about our mental health.

The more we all talk about our challenges to living a happy, balanced life, the more likely we are to seek help from a mental health professional when we need it. The campaign earned extensive statewide media coverage, focusing on messages such as:

  • Everyone experiences challenges to positive, balanced mental health
  • Talking to a doctor, friend, family member or coworker helps when we’re stressed, overwhelmed or depressed
  • Reaching out to someone who may be struggling could save their life
  • Talking about our mental health is a sign of strength

We all have mental health, let's talk about it. Start the converation at