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Permit application requirements for commercial buildings and additions

You may NOT submit for a permit until the Community Development Department has given approval in writing.  This letter must be included with the permit submittal. For more information visit Tenant Finish

  • Commercial Building Permit Application – The general contractor, electrical, plumbing and mechanical must be listed on the application.  The contractors must be registered with Douglas County and listed prior to the issuance of the building permit.
  • Site Plan must show the building location as shown on the approved SIP, and handicapped units if multi-family.
    NOTE: It shall be the sole responsibility of the property owner and/or permit holder to verify the location of all utilities and easements including water, sewer, well, septic, electric, phone, cable, fiber optic and gas prior to excavation or construction of any structure. 
  • Construction Plans – Submit (1) complete set of plans on white paper in blue or black ink that are stamped by a licensed Colorado Engineer or Architect.  A Colorado Engineer must stamp the plumbing, mechanical, structural, and electrical plans. (View the Commercial Plan Review Process)
  • Construction plans must include building use, construction type, type of occupancy, Energy Compliance path, and if fire sprinklers are installed.
  • Foundation Plans – Submit (1) a complete set of engineered plans.  Include one copy of the structural calculations and project manuals.
  • Water and Sewer – Submit a letter from the governing districts for that area if required.
  • Deed – A copy of a recorded warranty deed or lease agreement.
  • Architectural Control Committee approval if applicable.
  • Soil Report to be completed by a licensed Colorado Engineer is for the area of proposed construction.
  • Fire Department approval has to be received before the permit can be issued.  The submittal of the plans to the governing fire department is the responsibility of the General Contractor or Owner.
  •  Submittal to Tri-County Health Department is required, if a food service, prior to the permit being issued.
  • Minimum required information for Commercial Plan reviews. 
  • The Disclosure – Notice of Zoning Review form must be completed, signed and dated.