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Demolition Permit

 A Demolition Permit is required whenever a building or structure is to be permanently removed. The information contained in the Demolition Permit is then forwarded to the Douglas County Tax Assessor. This ensures that the owner of the building or structure will no longer be assessed taxes for the building or structure that has been removed.

  • Before any work may commence, the applicant must provide a Demolition Application Review Formor be waived from the requirement by the Douglas County Historic Preservation Board or Chief Building Official.
  • An application of “Demolition Notification” to the Colorado Department of Public Health Air Quality Control Division 303.692.3150 must be made and proof of said application provided to Douglas County when applicable.
  • A site plan must be provided per the currently adopted International Building Code or International Residential Code.
  • All utilities must be properly abated and the provider notified.
  • Demolition Permit fee of $47.00 per structure will be charged.
  • Additional fees may be assessed dependent on scope of the project and include, but are not limited to:
    • A Plan Review Fee
    • Administrative or other processing fees
    • Inspection Fees (2 hour minimum) per each