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Electrical Permit

The Douglas County Building Division is currently enforcing the 2017 National Electrical Code for all installations including residential.

An Electrical Permit is required when a homeowner or electrical contractor desires to install, enlarge, alter, or repair, convert or replace all or part of an electrical system. An electrical system is not only power and lighting, but also includes fire alarm, security and data/communication systems. View Single Family Dwelling Service Entrance Standard Calculations.

Homeowners are permitted to perform electrical work on their primary residence without an electrical license. All other installations require an electrical contractor that is licensed through the State of Colorado and registered with Douglas County.

Douglas County has an all-in-one permitting system in place that allows an electrical contractor to be listed as a sub-contractor on a building permit and the electrical work to be included in the building permit fee (Home Owner Agreement Form).   A construction meter permit, if needed at the job site would be the only additional electrical permit that would be required in addition to the building permit.

Electrical Permit Fees for other installations are based on square footage or the valuation of the project.

Applications may be submitted in person, mailed with a check or faxed with credit card information.