Contractor Licensing

Contractor Licensing fees are currently waived in Unincorporated Douglas County

Contractor Licensing/Registration Information

  • Contractor Registration Requirements (Douglas County has no testing requirements).
  • Licensing/Registration applications take two (2) business days to process once a complete application is received.
  • All contractor/sub-contractor licensing shall be completed and/or updated prior to issuance of a Building Permit.
  • Application for Contractor Licensing.
    • Separate application forms shall be completed if applying for more than one license type.
    • Print clearly on the application form.
    • Applications shall be filled out completely, signed and dated.
    • Applications may be submitted in person or by mail to the Building Division, 100 Third Street Suite #20, Castle Rock, CO 80104, or faxed to 303.479.7271, or emailed to
  • Workers Compensation.
    • If your company carries a Worker’s Compensation policy a certificate from your insurance provider shall be submitted.
    • If  your company is exempt from the State of Colorado’s  Worker’s Compensation requirements, a Statement of Exemption form shall be submitted.
  • Affidavit of Lawful Presence
  • Insurance Certificates.
    • Policy holder/Insured name shall match the name being listed as Company Name on the application.
    • Effective/Expiration dates shall be valid.
    • Single occurrence limits on liability shall meet the minimum required as listed in the amendments.  Please note that we look at the “Occurrence” area, not the “General Aggregate” on the policy.  Standard Liability Insurance Requirements
    • Douglas County Building Division shall be listed as a Certificate Holder on the Certificate. (Address info below).  This applies to both liability and Worker’s Compensation.
    • Certificates shall be signed and dated by an agent of the insurance company.

Certificates must list: Douglas County Building Division, 100 Third Street Suite #20 Castle Rock, CO 80104 as a Certificate Holder.  Certificates can be faxed by your agent to 303.479.7271 or emailed to 

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