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Over the Counter Plan Review Processing

The Douglas County Building Division offers an Over-the-Counter, (OTC) plan review process for limited residential construction projects as outlined below. In most cases, this process allows contractors and homeowners to obtain same-day permits for small projects.

Over-the-Counter plan review process is limited to the following:

  • Basement finishes
  • Simple residential interior remodel

Over-The-Counter plan review applications shall include (if applicable):

  • Completed permit application to include all subcontractors with current Douglas County registration
  • Fire department approval if the home is equipped with fire sprinklers
  • Two sets of architectural plans drawn to ¼” = 1 ft scale or other identified standard scale

Additional information may be required upon review. Incomplete submittals or submittals arriving after 12:00 Noon must follow the regular permitting process.

Once the project is accepted as an Over-the-Counter review, the process should take approximately 30 minutes. Please arrive early as all OTC reviews are on a first-come, first-served basis.