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Wildfire Mitigation / Risk Reduction

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Wildfire Mitigation Standards

The current Wildfire Mitigation Standards – Exhibit B in the Douglas County Building Codes were adopted in October 2012.

The Douglas County Wildfire Mitigation Program’s primary mission is to reduce wildfire hazard and loss to residents, property, and natural resources by emphasizing courtesy forestry and wildfire hazard assessments for home and property owners within the County.  If you have forestry, wildfire questions or would like to request a free Wildfire Hazard Assessment on personal property please contact Jill Welle, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist at 303-660-7497.

Wildfire Hazard Regulation for Building and Development

One way the Douglas County Wildfire Mitigation staff seeks to reduce Wildfire hazard is through the development review process and implementation of our adopted regulations stated in the Douglas County Zoning Resolution Section 17.   This process ensures that all new development in Douglas County is carefully assessed for wildfire hazards by our Wildfire Mitigation Specialists. If staff identifies a significant wildfire hazard a Wildfire Mitigation or Forest Management Plan is required to be submitted by a professional forester, reviewed and approved by Douglas County staff and executed prior to the issuance of building permits within the development.

Another method of addressing wildfire hazard is on an individual lot or parcel basis. Each construction project permitted through the Building Division within the Wildfire Hazard Overlay District (Wildfire Hazard District Overlay Map) is subject to the adopted regulations. Similar to the development scale process, if staff determines a wildfire hazard exists, treatment is required in the form of Defensible Space prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. However, rather than the applicant consulting a professional forester, the Wildfire Mitigation staff provides the treatment prescription to be implemented.

Learn how you can protect your home, property and forest and be Firewise, and if you are eligible for the Wildfire Mitigation Tax Credit.

Collaborative Partnership Projects

The Wildfire Mitigation staff is involved with several collaborative partnerships including the Front Range Fuels Roundtable and the Pikes Peak Wildfire Prevention Partners (PPWPP), NGOs such as the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP) and communities to assist with mitigation projects and program outreach on hazardous fuels reduction projects in Douglas County with funds acquired from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Other Mitigation Resources in Douglas County 

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