Mental Health Initiative

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A Unique Community Partnership

Supported by the Douglas County Commissioners, in response to several tragic mental health related incidents, the Douglas County Mental Health Initiative has worked to unite community partners to address unmet mental health needs, connect people to mental health services and prevent those in need from falling through the cracks of the mental health system.


Community Response Team (CRT)

A unique response team of fire/EMS, law enforcement and a clinician responding at the scene when mental health is the primary issue.  Each team member fills a unique role to ensure safety, conduct medical clearances, and assess mental health needs.  There are two teams, each with a case manager.

2018 and Beyond –  An integrated mental health system with a no-fail, case management network is also being developed.  Case management software to provide care coordination has also been added.

Mental Health Navigator

The Mental Health Navigator addresses acute and complex mental health needs referred to the County Attorney.

Anti-Stigma Campaign & Media Initiatives

In partnership with Tri-County Health and Douglas County, the “Let’s Talk” campaign is intended to reduce the stigma around mental illness so that individuals who need treatment are more likely to seek it.

2019 Douglas County Mental Health Summit

The 2019 Mental Health Summit was held June 17, 2019 to bring awareness and attention to the varied ways we think about and address mental health in Douglas County.

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