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Career/Employment (Metro Stadium District Funding)

The Metropolitan Football Stadium District Funding may be used for a variety of youth activities programs. One category the Douglas County Youth Initiative and Douglas County Youth Commission are exploring is Career/Employment.   Proposals submitted that fit into this category can be found below.

Applications Received

Arapahoe County on behalf of Arapahoe/Douglas Works!

Project Name: Douglas County Youth Works!

Funding Amount Requested: $282,500.00

Response to Application Questions

1. Describe the agency/organization applying for this funding.

Arapahoe/Douglas Works! (ADW!) provides workforce services to the residents of Arapahoe & Douglas Counties. ADW! offers a variety of program services for all eligible Douglas County youth that meet existing WIOA and discretionary grant eligibility.

2. Describe the need for this funding. What is the problem/opportunity this program/project would address?

All Douglas County youth, including those experiencing one or more barriers, deserve access to intensive case management, career exploration, workforce preparation, work-based learning, and in-demand career pathways that lead to self-sufficiency..

3. What are the goals of the project? How many Douglas County youth will be impacted and what specific impacts or benefits will they receive?

Goal: increase access to in-demand training & credentials, work-based learning, and career pathways for all DC youth, regardless of barriers or household income.
#: 30+

4. How would this effort promote access to programs and activities for youth who are underserved in the Douglas County community?

By partnering with community based organizations, community schools, and local employers, A/D Works! will host accessible and impactful events and activities for Douglas County youth that may not be eligible for WIOA or other discretionary grants

5. How will the effort be promoted to Douglas County youth?

This effort will be promoted to all youth in Douglas, including foster youth, youth experiencing homelessness, justice involved youth, and youth with disabilities through an established and comprehensive network of community partners and employers.

6. How will this project be sustainable and continue to support Douglas County youth after this one-time funding source? What are the plans for the program long term?

Adaptive technology (VR headsets & more) will be available to DC youth beyond the initial performance period. ADW will work with local employers and industry to create inclusive and accessible VR career exploration and shadowing experiences