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Social Media and Website Guidelines

User Guidelines

While Douglas County allows comments and postings, Douglas County imposes limits as the County intends its social media to be family-friendly.   As such we ask that your comments and posts remain consistent with that standard.  In addition to ensuring the intended family-friendly tone and content, we ask that you follow our posting guidelines as follows.  If you don’t comply, your message will be removed.

  • We do not allow comments that we judge to be obscene, abusive, hateful, defamatory or which invade or violate the privacy rights of others;
  • You should continue the theme of the blog/posting and remain “on topic”;
  • We do not allow promotional postings, solicitations, links or advertisements.  This includes promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial, or nonprofit nongovernmental entity or agency.
  • We do not allow comments that promote violence or the violation of any federal, state, or local law, regulation or ordinance;
  • We do not allow the posting of any link or application that would damage or harm anyone’s computer or software;
  • We urge all comments to be original opinions of the poster and we do not allow comments that violate copyrights or registered trademarks or are unrelated to the topic of a discussion.
  • We will not allow content that:
    • includes vulgar language or personal attacks of any kind;
    • includes offensive comments that target or disparage any civic, ethnic, racial, or religious group
    • demonstrates lack of consideration for others’ privacy or is considered likely to offend or provoke others – i.e. don’t pick fights or goad others into inflammatory debates.
    • advocates illegal activity or violence;
    • promotes services, products, or political organizations;
    • infringes on copyrights or trademarks;
    • misleads

Individuals who choose to participate do so at their own risk, taking personal responsibility for their comments, username and any information provided. Also, the appearance of external links on this site does not constitute endorsement on behalf of Douglas County.

This is an official government agency page, therefore, all comments and posts to the page may be included in any related Colorado Open Records requests (CORA).

Douglas County reserves the right to report any violation of the Facebook, Twitter and NextDoor posting guidelines.