Public Health Services Message from the Commissioners

A Public Health Services Message from your Commissioners

It’s time to separate fact from fiction.

Fact: We are committed to the delivery of exceptional public health services to Douglas County consistent with the specific needs of our communities and the following three tracks on which Douglas County has been traveling for the past year to achieve just that:

  • Governance –Today, 49 of the 64 counties in Colorado have already chosen a single-county, locally-controlled board of health model. We join those counties in doing so because the unique needs of our citizens and our size at 357,000 demand it.
  • Continuity of Core Public Health Services – Public health services in Douglas County are budgeted and will continue through 2022 with the existing Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) through an intergovernmental agreement between Douglas County and TCHD.
  • Understanding the unique public health needs of Douglas County – A public process, led by Douglas County and a team of public health experts, is underway to identify the unique public health needs of our communities through the implementation of a Community Health Assessment and a Public Health Improvement Plan, both requirements of state law for all public health agencies.

Fact: The Douglas County Health Department budget will be cost-effective and based on the outcome of these processes, funding for which would be a combination of the County’s general fund, state and federal grants, as well as charges for specific services.

Fact: As we transition to your new, expert-advised but locally-controlled Douglas County Health Department, we remain committed to an outcome that public health in Douglas County will be exceptionally tailored to your unique needs, cost-effective, with no gaps in services. We hope you will stay connected with us as we endeavor to keep you regularly updated regarding your new Douglas County Health Department. You may subscribe to receive updates and receive the news first by visiting


Board of Douglas County Commissioners

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