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Water / Water Providers

Water – among our most precious natural resources.

There is no higher priority for the Douglas County Commissioners than partnering with our water providers to secure dependable and sustainable water supply – our focus for more than a decade to make sure there’s water today and for generations to come.

Since 2000, Douglas County has made water a top priority in terms of securing a dependable water supply and advocating for water conservation. Douglas County partners with local water and wastewater authorities on projects.   Here you can find information on aquifers, domestic wells and rural water, flood plain information, harvesting rainwater and gray water.  We even developed a Water Alternatives Program and have provided a list of additional resources should you need them.

Maintaining water quality has also been a long-standing priority of the commissioners. Douglas County is a founding member of the Colorado Clean Water Coalition. State and federal regulations require the County to provide flood protection and stormwater quality.  Douglas County has been recognized among the leaders in both the state and nation in stormwater management.

A commitment to a dependable water supply and water quality protects property values, jobs, the economy and the overall quality of life of residents.