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Wildfire Mitigation Projects

Wildfire is the number one safety hazard in Douglas County, but by being good land stewards we can reduce wildfire hazards and potential loss to Douglas County’s residents, property, and natural resources.

The Douglas County Hazard Mitigation Team is partnering with staff from the County’s Wildfire Mitigation, Open Space and Public Works Operations divisions to reduce hazardous fuels and provide for an ecosystem more resistant to wildfire and insect damage on County property.  The program also emphasizes courtesy forestry and wildfire hazard assessments for home and property owners within Douglas County.

If you would like to request a free Wildfire Hazard Assessment on your personal property please contact Jill Alexander, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist at 303-660-7497 or [email protected]

County-owned properties tentatively scheduled for mitigation are listed below:

None scheduled at this time.

While the County is doing its work in mitigating its lands, the following are some proactive steps residents can take in mitigating their own property:

  • Make sure your gutters and roof valleys are free of pine needles, leaves, and debris
  • Mow grasses regularly, keep the grass short and well-watered to hinder the spread of flames
  • Space out trees and shrubs, making it harder for flames to travel and easier for firefighters to work
  • Prune branches to prevent flames from jumping from branches to house
  • Seal off openings such as pet doors and attics with screens to prevent embers from getting through
  • If you have a wooden roof, improve it with fire-resistant ceramic tiles, slate or composite shingles, or metal sheets
  • Don’t leave flammable material such as trash, lawn furniture or propane tanks against the outside of your home or under decks
  • Make sure not to mulch near your house or plant shrubs up against the exterior of your home