Mission, Vision and Values

Mission - Compassion for families with accountability to the taxpayer

Vision - A world‐class Coroner’s Office, staffed with exceptional individuals, who provide answers concerning the cause and manner of death to families and other agencies.  With compassion and complete service,  we assist families experiencing a devastating loss


  • Customer Service:  We take the extra step to solve the problem or answer the question
  • Honesty:  We are honest, trustworthy, truthful and sincere
  • Knowledgeable:  We know what we are doing; we are well-trained, certified Medicolegal Death Investigators, cross-trained to assist Forensic Pathologists at autopsy
  • Accuracy:  We are accurate, striving to eliminate errors in every task we perform
  • Teamwork:  We are stronger when we work as a Team instead of as eight individuals
  • Communication:  We communicate clearly, concisely and accurately
  • Consistency:  We perform every task consistently, in a precise and uniform manner
  • Safety:  We follow safety guidelines and procedures for the well-being of ourselves and others
  • Compassion:  We treat others with compassion, respect, dignity and empathy
  • Education:  We value education, and utilize every opportunity to increase our operating knowledge

Additional Resources

  • Youth Suicide Behavior Fact Sheet - Youth suicidal behavior is a significant problem. Yet youth suicide is often preventable. The extent of suicidal behavior — including thoughts of and planning for suicide, nonfatal suicide attempts, and suicide deaths — is shown below. Saving the lives of youth at risk involves a diverse range of interventions including effective assessment and treatment of those with mental disorders, promotion of mental health and help-seeking, early detection of and support for youth in crisis, training in life skills, and reduction of access to lethal means of harm.

Coroner’s Office

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Office Hours

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