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Decode Douglas County Outdoors

Douglas County Outdoors has a secret…but it’s encrypted, and we need YOU to solve the code!

To solve the code, you must visit eight locations and find a number that is part of the code. The numbers are in the center of a plaque atop a square post along the trail or in the park. The first location is provided in the Decoder Booklet and a clue is provided at each location that will lead you to the next location until all eight numbers are collected.

After all eight numbers are collected in the code, use them to open two four-digit locks on our treasure chest. Solve the code and you’ll win a prize and be entered in our grand prize draw

ing. So, pick up your decoder booklet today, discover new places, and start decoding the secret of Douglas County Outdoors!

For your convenience, Decoder Booklets are available at several Douglas County facility locations or online as a printable version.  Read the rules and learn how to play.

Having trouble finding a post? Click here and use the map for help.

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