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Open Space

Volunteering (Open Space)

Volunteers have contributed so much energy to enhance our open space properties. Shrubs and trees at trailheads and in restoration areas were probably planted by volunteers. When you sit on a bench or refer to a directional sign along a trail, realize that they were probably installed for you by volunteers. Consider your passions and capabilities and match them with the task led by Open Space staff or qualified volunteer leaders… and volunteer today.
Volunteers who represent the county will be required to obtain Wilderness First Aid Training (for those who work in the backcountry) as well as complete a background check. Other training will be offered for specific projects or work areas at field sites, indoor classes, or workshops.

Get started becoming an Open Space Volunteer

  • Visit https://douglasvolunteers.com
  • Scroll down to Open Space & Natural Resources
  • Locate the group you would like to be a volunteer for
  • Under Ready to get involved click Volunteer Application
    • Complete the application online
    • Sign liability waiver
    • Sign Douglas County ethics acknowledgment
    • Complete and necessary training
    • Pass background check

Volunteer Opportunities

Astronomical and Dark Sky Volunteers

Volunteers are growing our Dark Sky events and projected Observatory at Sandstone Ranch. They help move telescopes with Astronomical Society members while educating members of the public on night skies. Volunteers often share their own personal scopes and interpret celestial findings.

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Blue Bird Monitors and Bird Surveying

Volunteers assist with research and tracking of young birds fledged from Blue Bird box routes on eight different Open Space properties. Weekly volunteer bird surveys of various habitats at Sandstone Ranch have revealed 160 plus bird species.

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Community Volunteer Group, Research, Stewardship and Partnerships

Volunteers promote good land stewardship by assisting staff in maintaining the health of Douglas County’s open properties. Projects may include leading or participating in physical projects such as weed eradications, land clean-up, structure maintenance or repair, native plant restoration. They also offer assistance with group activities such as Homeowner Association property clean-up, boy scout projects and and High School Students record findings of Natural Resource and Water Quality studies.

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Historical, Restoration, and Arts

Volunteers research local landowners through the Colorado State and County archives helping compile historical information, revealing previous individuals who lived on various Open Space properties.

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Mounted Patrol

Mounted Patrol volunteers promote public safety and protection of the County’s land and resources, educates, and assists open space property visitors in need, and promotes the values and ideals of Douglas County Open Space.

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Native Plant Masters

Volunteers work in partnership with Colorado State University Extension,. Native Plant Master volunteers have trained potential native plant master trainees about the county’s native plants and invasive weeds, who are then able to lead plant hikes.

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Naturalist Guides

Volunteers are trained in identifying birds and behavior, native plants, wildlife, interpretation, invertebrates (insects), the history connected to each open space property, and local geology. They also lead and assist with interpretive hikes on many Douglas County’s protected properties and act as group leaders at annual open space events.

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Orchard Volunteers

Volunteers assist staff at the Hidden Mesa Open Space Research and Demonstration Orchard. with development of growing protocols for food crops to be successful in our climate, growing vegetable crops for donation into local food banks, planting and maintaining demonstration beds of native and pollinator plants, general orchard and garden development and maintenance and more.

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Trail Ambassador

Become the friendly, welcoming face of Douglas County Open Space! Trail Ambassadors assist Open Space visitors with general trail information, monitor and report trail and corridor conditions, encourage friendly user etiquette, and provide a high-quality trail experience for users. These individuals are trained to provide route information, answer user questions, and continue to connect trail users to Douglas County Open Spaces.

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Trail Crews

Volunteers make lasting contributions to the enhancement of Douglas County trail system by maintaining and repairing multi-use trail systems, improving trail structures and keeping tail corridors open. Just one day of service on trails can make a big difference!

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Weed Warriors

Volunteer assist staff with identifying, monitoring, and removing non-native invasive and noxious weed species on Open Space properties. Weed Warriors receive proper trainings to be effective in removing select species and promote proper stewardship to natural areas in Douglas County.

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Young People (Minors)

Young people can participate when part of a school or service organization, or supervised by a guardian or adult leader with a signed release and waiver of liability for minors. Work projects, when available, may be arranged with our office at 303-660-7495.

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