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Open Space Properties (Public Access)

Douglas County Open Space, Parks and Trails Interactive Map
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Douglas County Open Space, Parks and Trails Interactive Map
Douglas County Open Space, Parks and Trails Interactive Map


Individual Properties

Bayou Gulch Regional Park and Open Space
Active Area Address: 4815 Fox Sparrow Rd., Parker, CO 80138
Passive Area Address: 4728 Fox Sparrow Rd., Parker, CO 80138

Columbine Open Space and Trail
Columbine Open Space is the combination of two separate properties (the 590-acre Maytag property and the 171-acre Ramsour property). The property is located along East Plum Creek and includes a portion of the western flank of Hunt Mountain.

Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail
The five-mile loop trail on Dawson Butte Open Space travels through mostly forested areas with open meadows and views of the Front Range Mountains. The trail follows gently rolling terrain and optional bridle paths include over 60 horse jumps. There is no access to the top of the butte.

DuPont Open Space
The DuPont Company donated 505 acres of their land holdings and 350 acres of conservation easement near the historic company town of Louviers. Douglas County accepted the donation of a significant riparian habitat along Plum Creek in 2002.

Gateway Mesa Open Space
In August 1999, the Town of Castle Rock acquired Gateway Mesa, east of Castle Rock, with assistance from Douglas County, Great Outdoors Colorado and Colorado Open Lands. The 1.8-mile natural surface trail loops through Ponderosa pines, grasslands and along the rocky edge of the mesa.

Glendale Farm Open Space and Trail
Adjacent to I-25, the 145-acre property has native chokecherry and wild plum shrubs along an dry stream bed. The 1.6- mile natural surface trail winds up through Gambel oaks and onto a grassland plain with views of Pikes Peak and the Colorado Front Range. Trail skirts rocky caprock on the northern spur. A -acre off-leash dog area is west of the main trail head.

Hidden Mesa Open Space and Trail
The Town of Castle Rock and Douglas County Open Space preserved the land known as Hidden Mesa in a joint effort. Douglas County owns and manages the property located on the north side of Highway #86. The Hidden Mesa trail connects the mesa to the previously acquired Grange property to the east along Cherry Creek. The combined properties are now referred to as Hidden Mesa Open Space.

Hungry Horse Open Space
This 166-acre grassland is located four miles south of Parker along Cherry Creek and the Cherry Creek Regional Trail. The most convenient access through the property is via the North Pinery Trailhead.

Lincoln Mountain Open Space
The 876-acre Lincoln Mountain Open Space is available to the public for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Metzler Ranch/Castlewood Canyon State Park Addition
Castlewood Canyon State Park expanded its boundaries with the acquisition of the 167-acre Metzler Property acquired through the partnership with Douglas County Open Space, Colorado State Parks, Great Outdoors Colorado and other non-profit entities.

Nelson Ranch Open Space
Nelson Ranch Open Space is a 695-acre property located south of Roxborough State Park behind the hogback. . Nelson buffers the park and connects to this scenic landscape. The open space designation protects a variety of wildlife habitats amongst the Gambel oaks, ponderosa pines, Douglas firs, hawthorn and chokecherry bushes and narrow-leaved cottonwoods.

Norton Farm Open Space
The Town of Parker made their first open space acquisition in 1999 with the purchase of the Norton property. This 72-acre open space is located along Cherry Creek on the west side of Parker Road at the Arapahoe County line. The property will serve as a trailhead for the Cherry Creek Regional Trail Norton Farm connects to the historic Seventeen-Mile House property to the north.

Pfeifer Open Space
The 7-acre Pfeifer property accommodates a portion of the Cherry Creek Trail, connecting under Highway 86 near Franktown. The property is home to willow riparian habitat along Cherry Creek.

Pike Hill Open Space
This forested, 308-acre property rises from the western side of Nelson Ranch and borders Pike National Forest. The Ringtail Trail passes through Pike Hill Open Space.

South Willow Creek/Roxborough State Park Addition
The South Willow Creek property is a 590-acre addition to the southeast side of Roxborough State Park. The property was purchased through the cooperation among Douglas County Open Space, Great Outdoors Colorado, and Colorado State Parks.

Spruce Meadows Trail

Spruce Mountain Open Space and Trail
Spruce Mountain is a large, tree-covered mesa that is visible from I-25, Spruce Mountain Road, County Line Road, and Highway 105. Views from the top of the mesa are spectacular from any direction. Access the five and one half mile-loops can be accessed from Spruce Mountain Road. Horse trailers need to access from the Spruce Meadows parking lot on Noe Road.

Woodlands Bowl Conservation Easement
Woodlands Bowl is a small parcel of land located in the center of the Woodlands neighborhood and is a key part of the Castle Rock trail system.

Limited Access Properties

Backcounty Wilderness Area of Highlands Ranch – Limited Access
This 8,200-acre parcel lies in the southern reaches of Highlands Ranch. It represents 37% of the 22,000 acres in Highlands Ranch. The Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) and Shea Homes were joint applicants in developing a management plan.  There is public access of the property via the East-West Trail however, the rest of the property’s trails are reserved for use by residents of Highlands Ranch.

Cherokee Ranch Conservation Easement  – Limited Access
Douglas County purchased a conservation easement on this ranch to protect the important wildlife habitat, agricultural heritage and the historic attributes of the Cherokee Ranch. The ranch previously owned by Tweet Kimball was deeded to the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation; a private entity that owns and manages the ranch. Events are sponsored by the foundation throughout the year.