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Open Space Properties

Please remember the following while visiting parks, trails and open space during this time:

  • If you are sick stay home.
  • Douglas County parks and trails will remain open to the public to engage in walking, hiking, biking, running and similar activities. Please practice social distancing at all times.
  • Public gathering areas are closed. Do not congregate in groups while engaging in outdoor activity – solo activities only. Please adhere to the public health order prohibiting outdoor gatherings of any number of people. This includes but is not limited to; basketball, baseball, frisbee, soccer, picnics.
  • Practice Social distancing. The intent of the order is to minimize contact and exposure between residents to the greatest extent possible. The CDC recommends keeping a minimum of 6 feet distance between people at all times, wash hands with soap and water as frequently as possible, use hand sanitizer and cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Parking lots are filling quickly, please consider visiting at less busy times – early or late – and follow all parking restrictions in public lots or on public streets.

View all County Open Space Properties with public and limited access on the Douglas County Open Space, Parks and Trails Interactive Map.

Allis Ranch – The Allis property is 148 acres surrounded by the Greenland Ranch on the north, east and south and is adjacent to the Christensen Ranch.  The Allis property lies in the secondary viewshed along the South I-25 Conservation Corridor in southern Douglas County and provides wildlife habitat for inhabitants of grasslands, Gambel oak, and ponderosa pine. The Greenland Trail passes through this property.

Bayou Gulch Open Space and Bayou Gulch at Two Bridges Trail – This connector runs west under Highway 83 to the Cherry Creek Regional Trail and is open to pedestrians, equestrians, mountain biking and snowshoeing.  Pets are allowed but must be on leashes.

Columbine Open Space and Trail – Columbine Open Space is the combination of two separate properties (the 390-acre conservation easement, and the 150-acre County-owned property). Protection of the property is the result of the efforts of two private conservation buyers, Great Outdoors Colorado, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Douglas County Land Conservancy, Douglas County and The Conservation Fund.

Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space and Trail – The 5-mile loop trail on Dawson Butte Open Space travels through mostly forested areas with open meadows and views of the Colorado Front Range.

Douglas Heights / Spruce Meadows Trail – The original plans for this property involved a developer who wanted to divide it into 35-acre parcels and construct single-family homes. Because of its highly visible location in the South I-25 Conservation Corridor, Douglas County and the Conservation Fund met with the developer to purchase the property. The Douglas Heights parcel was ultimately purchased with funding from Great Outdoors Colorado with assistance from The Conservation Fund.   Public access is now available on the Spruce Meadows Trail, which bisects this property and neighboring open space with an 8.5-mile natural surface trail.

DuPont Open Space – There is limited public access to the DuPont property from the north side of DuPont Park, as well as access openings along the fence from various locations bordering the Village of Louviers.  Special group hikes may be arranged with Douglas County.

Glendale Farm Open Space, Dog Park and Trail – Adjacent to I-25, the 145-acre property has native chokecherry and wild plum shrubs along an intermittent stream. The trail winds up into Gambel oak shrubland and onto a grassland plain with views of Pikes Peak and the Colorado Front Range. The trail skirts rocky caprock on the northern spur. A 17-acre off-leash dog area is west of the main trailhead.

Greenland Open Space, Dog Park, and TrailA portion of the Colorado Front Range Trail, the lower trail joins into the Old Territorial Road, connecting the old Greenland Townsite to Palmer Lake, and may be accessed going north through Noe / Greenland Road to the corner where the trail re-enters open space. The 11-mile Greenland trail system is within over 3,000 acres of Greenland Open Space. Trail passes through native grasslands, by ponds, through rolling Gambel oak hills and skirts ponderosa pine forests. Views of Greenland open space, buttes and Pikes Peak.

Hidden Mesa Open Space and Trail – The Town of Castle Rock and Douglas County Open Space preserved 716 acres of land known as Hidden Mesa in a joint effort. Their swift actions eliminated the chance for more than a thousand houses to be perched above the rocky outcrops between Castle Rock and Franktown.

Hungry Horse Open Space and Trail – This 160-acre parcel is located 4 miles south of Parker along Cherry Creek. The paved Cherry Creek Regional Trail winds through Hungry Horse across a short grass prairie that is home to pronghorn, mule deer, prairie dogs, and various raptors.

Lincoln Mountain Open Space and Trail – The 876-acre Lincoln Mountain Open Space is located along the upper reaches of West Cherry Creek with meadows and rolling grasslands that are backed up by forested rocky cliffs and the taller mesa of Lincoln Mountain.

Nelson Ranch Open Space and Trail – Behind the hogback, south of Roxborough State Park, is the 695-acre Nelson Ranch.  The open space designation protects a variety of wildlife habitats among the Gambel oaks, ponderosa pines, Douglas firs, hawthorn and chokecherry bushes, and narrow-leaved cottonwoods. There are excellent opportunities for dispersed, passive public recreation, such as hiking, horseback riding  and mountain biking (for this use, access from the Pike National Forest.)

Pfeifer Open Space and Trail – The seven-acre Pfeifer property accommodates a portion of the Cherry Creek Regional, connecting under Highway 86 near Franktown. This small property protects riparian habitat along Cherry Creek. Douglas County and Great Outdoors Colorado jointly contributed to this acquisition

Pike Hill Open Space and Trail – This forested, 308-acre property rises from the western side of Nelson Ranch and serves as a connection between open space and the Pike National Forest.

Prairie Canyon Ranch Open Space –  Douglas County manages the property as a working cattle ranch. Access to the property is for organized groups including educational tours for school groups and horse rides. Public access is by appointment.

Sandstone Ranch – Guided public access only.  The Ranch borders the Pike National Forest and features an extraordinarily diverse landscape including red rock formations and sloping meadows; vast wildlife habitat and corridors, expansive and diverse vegetation and other natural resources; as well as cultural and historic assets, including a historic ranch operation and a number of historic buildings dating back to its original owners in the 1870s.

Spruce Mountain Open Space and Trail –  Spruce Mountain is a large, tree-covered mesa that is visible from Interstate I-25, Spruce Mountain Road, County Line Road, and Highway 105. It is part of an important wildlife corridor, allowing travel between the Pike National Forest and Greenland Open Space and Greenland Ranch. Douglas County has created over 8.5 miles of recreational trails on the property.