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Open Space Properties

DC Parks and Trails require proper permitting prior to any organized use County Field, Open Space, Park or Trail. 

View all County Open Space Properties with public and limited access on the Douglas County Open Space, Parks and Trails Interactive Map.

Two Bridges Open Space and Trail   Bayou Gulch Two Bridges Open Space and Trail is a wandering meadow trail that takes visitors along a wheat field. The views of Pikes Peaks and wide-open spaces help to create a peaceful experience.  This trail system boasts colorful Colorado sunrises and sunsets that can be breathtaking and connects with the Cherry Creek Trail.  The peripheral trail may be closed occasionally to accommodate equestrian events associated with the Colorado Horse Park.
hikers on colorado front range trail in douglas county   Colorado Front Range Trail – Douglas County Southern Portion is ideal for all types of training.   The trail will eventually connect Columbine and Greenland open spaces as well as the town of Larkspur and Palmer Lake.  The Colorado Front Range Trail is adjacent to Spruce Meadows, and Spruce Mountain.    
Columbine Open Space   Columbine Open Space and Trail is a family-friendly trail system, former farm property along East Plum Creek with picnic amenities and old farm buildings.  The two wide trail loops allow visitors to hike side-by-side and is part of the Colorado Front Range Trail.
Horseback riders on Dawson Butte Open Space Trail   Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space and Trail is peaceful and inspiring to visitors, with an open, flowy, curvey trail that follows the natural contours of the land and takes people on adventures through forested areas and meadows.  The trail is popular year-round due to the mix of shade and sun throughout the trail.
Autumn trees on Dupont Open Space   DuPont Open Space and Trail is a hidden gem with natural surface pathways that wind along the cottonwood forests of Plum Creek.  It is adjacent to the DuPont park and its amenities, including a parking lot.  In the spring, the birds are singing in this otherwise quiet property that surrounds DuPont’s historic company village of Louviers.
Glendale Farms Open Space Sunset overlook   Glendale Farm Open Space and Trail is a fun 1.6-mile loop that gently winds up and around the oaks to the high prairie and caprock overlooks.  The Front Range views make the sky look like it never ends.  Don’t forget to leash your dog on the Glendale Farm Trail.

Glendale Farm Dog Park is home to our busiest dog park.   The trail takes advantage of terrain and give both the dog and owner the sens they have exercised.

Greenland Ranch Barn   Greenland Open Space and Trail is a fun loop that winds around the property, and the views make the sky seem endless.  Don’t forget to leash your dog on the Greenland Trail.  The Colorado Front Range Trail is a part of this trail system that connects the Town of Larkspur and Palmer Lake.

Greenland Dog Park is a wide-open wonderland set between mountains and buttes.  The long 11-mile plus trail system is perfect for training, with its gentle ups and downs with fun sweeping turns.  The Colorado Front Range Trail is a part of this trail system that connects the Town of Larkspur and Palmer Lake.  During the summer, visitors share the trails with cattle!  Don’t forget to keep your dog on a leash on the Greenland trail.





  Hidden Mesa Open Space and Trail is a 1,200-acre property with a picnic shelter and production-orchard and bisected by Cherry Creek and the paved Cherry Creek trail.  The adventurous trail system connects the meadow and the mesa.  Connector trails include the Rocky Pass, a trail within a vein of ever-changing cobblestone, and Pleasant Pass a challenging yet pleasant alternative.  The Mesa Run loop takes visitors through a meadow and along a rocky outcrop.
Lincoln Mountain Open Space bench along hiking trail   Lincoln Mountain Open Space and Trail has breathtaking views of Pikes Peak, the Rampart Range, and the eastern plains of Douglas County. The trail system takes visitors through the fields to a forested and rocky pass up to the flat top.  The variety of terrain and views are hard to beat.
Sun rays peaking through rock formations on Nelson Ranch in Douglas County   Nelson Ranch Open Space and Swallowtail Trail is accessible from the Sharptail Open Space and Trail at Roxborough Park Road, and is located behind the hogback, south of Roxborough State Park, this open space protects a variety of wildlife habitats.  
Swallowtail Nelson Ranch   Pike Hill Open Space and Trail and Ringtail Trail is a forested property that rises from the western side of Nelson Ranch and serves as a connection between open space and the Pike National Forest.  The Ringtail trail connection runs from the Nelson Ranch, through Pike Hill, to the Pike National Forest.  
Prairie Canyon Ranch at sunset with barn, old fence, pond and teepee in background   Prairie Canyon Ranch Open Space This property is open to the public by Special Event Permit only.  Prairie Canyon Ranch is managed as a working cattle ranch to preserve historic values and protect wildlife habitat, while it also provides unique educational opportunities for students of any age.
Drone view of Sandstone Ranch Guided Horseback Ride   Sandstone Ranch Open Space and Trail is a 2,038-acre ranch that borders the Pike National Fores,  Hikers, cyclists, and those on horseback can experience spectacular views, expansive hay meadows, red rock formations, and wildlife habitat from the 12-mile trail located in the eastern portion of Sandstone Ranch, for non-motorized use only.
Sharptail Ring view from top of bluff   Sharptail Ridge Open Space and Trail challenge visitors as they extend from undulating prairie foothills into the hidden, rocky hogback and then climb for miles through Douglas County’s Nelson Ranch and Pike Hill Open Space properties via Swallowtail and Ringtail trails.  Bicycles and dogs are prohibited on this lower trail and through Roxborough State Park segments year around.
Spruce Meadows Sunset   Spruce Meadows Open Space and Trail is a long-distance recreator’s dream.  The terrain is relatively flat and the trail is 8.5-miles long, with wide-open views of adjacent mountains, buttes, and the Greenland area.  The parking lot is ideal for horse trailers as riders can access Spruce Mountain Open Space.  Cattle grazing occurs on the property from May 1 through Sept. 15.
Biking at Spruce Mountain   Spruce Mountain Open Space and Trail is a wooded, gradual 8.5-mile trail that ascends to the loop on the rock-rimmed flat top making it as popular as it is stunning.  The trail system provides immediate access to fun terrain and views.  The climb to the upper loop is hard and so worth the effort.