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Spruce Mountain Christmas Tree Cutting

Annual Douglas County Tree-Cutting Program Postponed for 2020

The County regrets to announce that we will not be holding the annual Christmas Tree Cutting event this year.   The primary purpose of holding the event that began in 2005 was to assist in thinning the forest that was very overgrown.  Over the past 14 years, the Christmas Tree cutting event has been a popular event and a family tradition for some.

Another factor in the decision was staff discovered Dwarf Mistletoe and Rocky Mountain Pine Beetle infestations within the forest where the Christmas Tree event was held.  Both of these infestations weaken the trees and result in tree mortality.  Any further thinning in this area could result in a negative impact on forest health.

Staff will be completing a resource inventory during the coming year to evaluate the condition of the forest and if the tree cutting program met the management objectives.  If the resource inventory on County properties reveals that forested areas may once again benefit from a thinning, consideration will be made for future events.

Thank you in advance for understanding.