Southern Shooting Partnership (SSP)

The Pike and San Isabel National Forests have been under stage 1 fire restrictions recently, which included a restriction on recreational shooting (not hunting).  Some shooters and hunters trying to sight in rifles for big game season have experienced locked gates at Turkey Tracks informal shooting area or other locations. 

The fire restrictions have been lifted from Douglas County and the Pike and San Isabel National Forests as of Oct. 25.  The temporary fire ban restriction on recreational shooting throughout the Pike and San Isabel National Forests have been lifted as well.  Please remember that certain areas of the National Forests are always closed to recreational shooting.  If you shoot in the forest, please shoot only in areas open to shooting, shoot safely, clean up after yourself and respect our natural resources.   

Due to the complex urban interface, increasing populations and increase in recreational shooting there is a need for public land management agencies to work collaboratively to manage and provide safe and responsible Recreational Sport Shooting (RSS) across the Southern Front Range of Colorado.  The Federal, State, and County land management agencies from the Southern Front Range have agreed to partner and develop an RSS strategy.

The partners will prepare a recreational sport shooting strategy within a project management structure that includes a Southern Shooting Partnership Board with a Chair and Co-Chair to lead the development of the RSS strategy.

Key Combined Message for the Southern Shooting Partnership

  • Public lands play host to a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, biking, camping, OHV riding, snowshoeing and much more, including responsible recreational shooting.
  • The SSP recognizes the increasing demand for recreational sports shooting opportunities and other recreational activities.  The goal of this Partnership is to work collaboratively to research, identify and create opportunities.
  • This partnership supports outreach, education and educational resources to encourage safe, courteous, responsible and legal shooting.
  • Recreational shooting, as with all recreational activities on public lands, are governed by federal, state and local regulations.  It is the shooter’s responsibility to know where they are and which regulations apply.
  • The SSP will not impose rulings or requirements on private lands.

SSP Partners

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