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Discover new adventures with Decode Douglas County Outdoors

You’re invited to explore Douglas County parks, trails and open spaces, get active and win fun prizes

Family Decoding Douglas County Outdoors

Summer has officially arrived in Colorado and so has the Decode Douglas County Outdoors exploration game. Douglas County invites you to join this adventure in the spectacular, scenic Open Spaces and Parks throughout the County and discover the magic of the great outdoors.

This is a great healthy activity to get you or your family out of the house and into the fresh air. Pick up a decoder booklet at any of these locations or print your own from home. Read the ruleslearn how to play and find your starting point.

The adventure will lead you to eight Douglas County Open Spaces or Parks where you’ll discover a wooden post with a passport stamp on top containing a numeric clue. Use a crayon or pencil to create a rubbing of the clue and find the next location.

Once you’ve collected eight stamp rubbings, you’ve cracked the code! Use the numbers you’ve found to open the locks on the Decode Douglas County Outdoors treasure chest – you’ll win a prize and be entered into the grand prize drawing.

“Douglas County hopes this fun, interactive program helps citizens of all ages discover new parks, trails and open spaces right in their own backyards,” said County Commissioner Lora Thomas. “It’s just one part of our commitment to providing resources that allow our residents to lead active, healthy lives, and one of the reasons Douglas County was named the Healthiest County in the U.S. in 2019 and the healthiest in Colorado in 2020,” Thomas said.

Are you ready to get active, discover new places, and start decoding the secret of Douglas County Outdoors? Grab your decoder booklet and start your outdoor adventure today. Good luck and have fun!

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