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Open Space


Open Space Enjoyment and Social Distancing

As you anticipate an enjoyable day on Douglas County Open Space properties, please be aware that some trails, due to the location and terrain, have limited space for remaining socially distant from those other than in your immediate party. Please be aware when you encounter these circumstances, adjust accordingly, and help keep our community safe by adhering to
COVID-19 social distancing requirements.


Douglas County Division of Open Space and Natural Resources seeks to enhance the quality of life for residents by protecting wildlife habitats and natural resources in our public access properties, trails (don’t forget trail etiquette), historic sites and scenic views.   All while preserving Douglas County’s rural heritage while providing a wide range of compatible outdoor recreation and educational opportunities.  We also offer special event / special use permits for our open space properties.

The Douglas County Open Space Program was created in 1994 with the passage of a sixth-of-a-cent sales and use tax and protects over 63,037 acres of open space land in the County.   The Open Space Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on the disbursement of funds for land acquisitions from the Open Space, Trails, and Parks Fund.  Great Outdoors Colorado also provides grants to Douglas County for land purchases.