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Preservation Efforts

The open space sales and use tax passed by voters in 1994 is dedicated to the protection of open space and for parks and cannot be used for any other purpose.  Since the inception of the Open Space Program, 48,361 acres have been protected through a combination of fee purchases and conservation easements, through extraordinary partnerships with Great Outdoors Colorado, Colorado Division of Wildlife and Parks, land trusts, private landowners and others.  For every $1 of sales tax funds spent, the County has received $2.98 in partnership funding.

The following are acquisitions in which Douglas County Open Space Sales and Use Tax was used:

Conservation Easements 33,014 acres
Private property with land use restrictions. A land trust or government agency will hold the conservation easement. 64% of all lands preserved
Owned by Douglas County 13,400 acres
To protect natural resources, wildlife habitat, agricultural operations, scenic views, or other unique features. May have opportunities for public access. 28% of all lands preserved
Owned by Others 1,947 acres
May be State park, local municipalities or other agencies. 4% of all lands preserved
Total Preserved 48,361 acres
Total Property Costs $180,883,436
Partner Contributions $120,131,794
County Contributions $60,751,642

This represents $1.70 in partner contributions for every $1.00 of Open Space Sales and Use Tax spent.

NOTE: This chart does not include State Parks, Pike National Forest, other public land acquired by other means, or privately preserved open space.