Community Response Team (CRT)

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The Community Response Teams and Youth Community Response Teams are unique co-responder partnerships supported by the Board of Douglas County Commissioners, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, and Mental Health Providers.

Douglas County’s Mental Health Initiative Community Response Teams (CRTs) pair a member of law enforcement with a mental health clinician to respond in the community, overlapping shifts of 40 hours a week, and streamline access to mental health and substance abuse services for individuals in Douglas County. Douglas County CRTs partner with Fire/EMS for specialized field medical clearances, bypassing emergency departments when seeking direct placements into psychiatric care.

The teams follow up on each call and offer a case management component to ensure people connect to services following a crisis. As part of our commitment to care coordination, work is underway to electronically network our immediate partners, especially hospitals.

The CRT program expanded from two teams to four teams during 2019, allowing coverage of the entire county.

Support for the CRTs is provided through ongoing funding from the Board of Douglas County Commissioners and participating law enforcement and Fire/EMS jurisdictions provide personnel and equipment to the community teams as in-kind program contributions. The Douglas County Community Response Team program also receives a grant from the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health.


The Douglas County Mental Health Initiative Community Response Team program is the recipient of an ICMA 2018 Local Government Program Excellence Award in Community Health and Safety.