The Care Compact

The Care Compact (TCC) is a project of the Douglas County Mental Health Initiative that supports individuals with mental health, substance use disorder, or intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) needs by linking existing care coordination service providers. Through a networked system of care, The Care Compact reduces duplication of services, improves transitions between levels of care, and ensures fewer gaps in treatment while producing better outcomes for members of our community.

TCC serves adults involved in multiple systems, with complex and overlapping needs, or in need of connection to a variety of services (e.g., mental health treatment, public benefits, in-home care, etc.) who would benefit from care coordination across organizations and resources. Cross-system care coordination “teams” are formed to holistically address an individual’s needs, including helping them navigate benefits and overcome barriers to care.

The Care Compact community partner agencies are committed to improving the quality of life for Douglas County residents.

Current TCC Partners:

  • AllHealth Network
  • Centura Health
  • Colorado Access
  • Developmental Pathways
  • Douglas County Administration
  • Douglas County Department of Human Services
  • HealthONE
  • Rocky Mountain Human Services
  • Signal Behavioral Health Network
  • The Community Response Team (Caring Communities of Colorado)
  • The Rock Church