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Swimming Pools

 Swimming pool permit submittal requirements

  1.  Building permit application.  If contractors are being used they shall be listed on your application at the time of submittal (Home Owner Agreement Form).
  2. Construction documents. One set of scaled (¼” = 1’) construction plans on white paper in blue or black ink stamped and signed by a Colorado registered Professional Engineer.  Plans shall include:
    • Site plan showing dimensions to property lines and other structures.
    • Location and detail of the required pool/spa/hot tub barrier.
  3.  Drainage Erosion and Sediment Control Low Impact GESC Permit  / Low Impact GESC Application
    Any questions related to DESC Plan design requirements, DESC Plan submittal and permitting process, or DESC inspection requirements should be directed to the Douglas County Engineering Services Division 303-660-7490.
  4.  Letter from Architectural Control Committee (ACC) (where applicable).  If this letter is not included with your submittal, your permit will be placed “on hold” for 10 working days to allow for the notification of the Architectural Control Committee.