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The Douglas County Zoning Resolution (DCZR) establishes land use classifications within zone districts. The health, safety, convenience, aesthetics and welfare of the present and future residents of Douglas County are assured through the regulations, prohibitions and procedures described within this document.

The DCZR governs the use of land for residential and non-residential purposes.  It limits the height and bulk of buildings and other structures, as well as limits lot occupancy.  The DCZR determines setbacks and provides for open spaces by establishing standards of performance and design.

The Zoning Resolution also prescribes:

  • procedures for changes and modifications of districts,
  • uses by special review, variances, and other permits,
  • allowing for nonconforming uses and buildings,
  • providing regulations for accessory uses and buildings,
  • defines terms, provides a means of appeal, and remedies for violation of its provisions. The methods for modification to the Zoning Resolutions are also established.

Information is available on each of the planning processes, which utilizes the Zoning Resolution.

Zone District Map

For custom zone district maps, please contact Planning Services at 303.660.7460.