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Traffic Alerts

Information courtesy of CDOT, RTD, C-470 and others

Traffic Alerts – October 2021

This alert page is a one-stop shop to keep up with construction, maintenance, and repair projects around Douglas County. Updates are added throughout the month as we receive information. Check back regularly to see what’s happening that might impact you.

Other Projects in Douglas County and surrounding areas that will affect traffic:

I-25 South Gap Traffic Alerts

Reminder:  All construction schedules described below are weather-dependent and could change.

Extended Northbound I-25 On- and Off- Ramp Closures at Sky View Lane
The northbound I-25 on- and off-ramps at Sky View Lane/Tomah Road remains closed for ramp reconstruction. The closures began Sunday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m., and are expected to last five weeks.  For access to northbound I-25, motorists should take the East or West Frontage road to northbound I-25 using the Plum Creek Parkway on-ramp. For access to Sky View Lane (Tomah Road), motorists should continue north to Plum Creek Parkway (exit 181), exit and take the East or West Frontage road back south.

Long-Term Ramp Closures – Larkspur Long-term full closure of the Upper Lake Gulch Road on-ramp to northbound I-25 for bridgework – Ongoing full closure until further notice
Full closure of the southbound I-25 off-ramp to Upper Lake Gulch Road as part of a traffic shift that will allow crews to safely complete work on bridges in the area.

Project Hotline: 720-745-5434
Sign up for email updates: [email protected]
Text alerts: Text I25GAP to 21000
Project Facebook Page: with us on social media:
Twitter @coloradodot and Facebook


Due to ongoing bridge construction, left turns will be restricted for vehicles over 35 feet:

  1. No left turns on the bridge from northbound I-25 to westbound County Line/Palmer Divide Road
  2. No left turns on the bridge from southbound I-25 to eastbound County Line/Palmer Divide Road

These restrictions are expected to remain in effect throughout bridge construction for the safety of crews and the traveling public. Please use CO 105 (exit 161). Once the bridge opens, watch for lower speeds and narrower lanes.

Construction schedules are weather-dependent and could change. Current information is available on or by following the project on Facebook (@I25SouthGapProject). To receive text alerts, text I25GAP to 21000.