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Trail etiquette video offers tips every hiker, biker and equestrian needs to know

Did you know that last year Douglas County Parks and Open Space properties received more than 1 million visits? Hikers, bikers, and equestrians all sharing hundreds of miles of trails.

And while the County’s 17,000 acres of public open space offers plenty of room for everyone, we are often asked, “what is the hierarchy on the trail and how do I know what to do?”

Watch this helpful video featuring Douglas County Open Space Rangers, Amy and Tyler, sharing real-life examples of trail etiquette. We want the nearly 90,000 hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers hitting the trails each month to understand who has the right-of-way and how to safely share the trails with other users.

You can keep our trails friendly, fun and safe for everyone by following the best practices illustrated in the video, such as; announcing yourself and establishing communication before passing; keeping your dog leashed and; yielding appropriately to other trail users.

When you’re out for a hike or ride, keep these examples in mind. And don’t worry, if you need a quick refresher you’ll find Courtesy Triangle signs posted on our trails illustrating general guidelines of right-of-way: hikers yield to equestrians, cyclists yield to pedestrians and equestrians.

Visit the Trail Etiquette page and watch the video to learn more.

Find your next trail adventure on the DCOutdoors app, and then help ensure everyone has a pleasant experience by following accepted trail etiquette at all times, even when you think no one is watching.

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