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Trail Etiquette


Open Space Enjoyment and Social Distancing

As you anticipate an enjoyable day on Douglas County Open Space properties, please be aware that some trails, due to the location and terrain, have limited space for remaining socially distant from those other than in your immediate party. Please be aware when you encounter these circumstances, adjust accordingly, and help keep our community safe by adhering to
COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

trail courtesy sign on douglas county trails bikers yeild to pedestrians and horses; pedestrian yield to horsesWe know how much you love to keep the trails user-friendly for everyone.

Trail etiquette is important for the enjoyment, as well as the safety, of all trail users – hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers.

General guidelines for how to share trail space with others are: Hikers yield to equestrians. Cyclists yield to pedestrians and equestrians.  This etiquette is posted on signage throughout the trails within the Douglas County trail system.

In addition to our etiquette signage along our trails, Douglas County employs professional Rangers and engages well-trained Mounted Patrol volunteers who patrol our trails, reminding users about trail etiquette.