Wildfire Mitigation

The Douglas County Wildfire Mitigation Program’s primary mission is to reduce wildfire hazard and loss to Douglas County’s residents, property, and natural resources.

The program also emphasizes courtesy forestry and wildfire hazard assessments for home and property owners within Douglas County.  If you have forestry or wildfire questions please contact Wildfire Mitigation Staff for a free consultation.

Wildfire Hazard Regulation for Building and Development

One way the Douglas County Wildfire Mitigation staff seeks to reduce Wildfire hazard is through the development review process and implementation of our adopted regulations. This process ensures that all new development in Douglas County is carefully assessed for wildfire hazards by our Wildfire Mitigation Specialists. If staff identifies a wildfire hazard exists, a Wildfire Mitigation or Forest Management Plan is required to be submitted by a professional forester, reviewed and approved by Douglas County staff and executed prior to the issuance of building permits within the development.

Another method of addressing wildfire hazard is on an individual lot or parcel basis. Each construction project permitted through the Building Division within the Wildfire Hazard Overlay District is subject to the adopted regulations. Similar to the development scale process, if staff determines a wildfire hazard exists, treatment is required in the form of Defensible Space prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. However, rather than the applicant consulting a professional forester, the Wildfire Mitigation staff provides the treatment prescription to be implemented.

Wildfire Hazard Overlay District

Douglas County Zoning Resolution Section 17 – Wildfire Hazard Overlay Districts
These Districts are identified Wildfire Hazard Areas in Douglas County to aide in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of residents by minimizing the potential for the loss of life and property by the ignition and spread of wildfires in the Wildland/Urban Interface and the Wildland/Urban Intermix.

Wildfire Hazard District Overlay Map 

Wildfire Mitigation Standards

The current Wildfire Mitigation Standards adopted in October 2012 are available in Exhibit B.

Additional Resources and Links

  • Coalition for the Upper South Platte

    CUSP works with Partners to provide essential services such as project planning, implementation, and monitoring within the watershed. Our commitment to the land and the people it serves is unparalleled. CUSP's crews work tirelessly, whether on-the-ground or in the boardroom, to ensure communication, cooperation and completion of vital programs. Working with volunteers, we plant thousands of trees each year, restore habitat, and improve recreational opportunities. Our crews also remove damaged and diseased trees, and help reduce the threats from wildfire upon our communities.

  • Colorado State University – Wildfire Publications

    Resources for homeowners/ landowners and communities, as well as Firewise Construction.

  • Current Douglas County Fire Restrictions

    During periods of high to extreme fire danger, Douglas County may enact fire restrictions for unincorporated areas based on the following factors.

  • Douglas County Emergency Management

  • Front Range Roundtable

    The Roundtable is a collaborative effort involving representatives from state and federal agencies, local governments, environmental and conservation organizations, the academic and scientific community, and industry and user groups. Building on the work of the FRFTP, the Roundtable assembled leading experts to examine ecological and fire risk mitigation needs, economic constraints, and policy issues that must be addressed in order to reduce fire risk and restore the health of Front Range forests.

  • Pikes Peak Wildfire Prevention Partners

    The Pikes Peak Wildfire Prevention Partners is a consortium of wildfire professionals, wildfire mitigation contractors, agency representatives and homeowners dedicated to providing awareness of the wildfire risk in El Paso, Douglas and Teller counties in Colorado. The group's mission is accomplished through the effective and efficient education, cooperation and coordination of available resources of the membership.

  • Slash / Mulch Program

    To help residents clear their properties of dead tree branches and shrubbery, Douglas County operates a slash/mulch site in Castle Rock during the summer months.

  • USDA Forest Service, Pike and San Isabel National Forests

    Wildland fire is inevitable in North American ecosystems. Most wildland fire must be suppressed to meet resource and social objectives. Wise use of fire approximates the historical role of fire and enhances long-term wildland values. Effectively managing forest fuels and dealing with wildfires requires coordination between the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, other agencies, and communities.

  • Wildfire Mitigation Tax Credit

    As authorized by §39-22-104(4)(n), C.R.S., for income tax years 2009 through 2013 individuals, estates and trusts may subtract from federal taxable income 50% of the costs incurred in performing wildfire mitigation measures that meet certain qualification and limitations.