The Finance Department provides all necessary accounting, budget, payroll, and purchasing and Sales Tax support and information to all County departments and the citizenry of Douglas County.

As stewards of the County’s fiscal resources, we are committed to:

  • Promoting a culture of accountability and ethical conduct.
  • Ensuring compliance through adequate internal controls for the purpose of safeguarding resources and minimizing liabilities.
  • Valuing the contributions of our employees and encouraging their professional growth and development.
  • Analyzing information to forecast trends and assist in decision making.
  • Fostering an environment of open communication, education, cooperation and service.
  • Providing timely and accurate financial reports.
  • Leading local government through the development of innovative financial solutions.

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Budget Division

Throughout the year, Douglas County's budget is amended to provide spending authority for new revenues from grants or other sources not anticipated or known at the time of adoption.  The budget may also be amended to provide spending authority for restricted funds not fully spent in the prior year or for new initiatives.


2015 Preliminary Budget


2014 Budget in Brief
2014 Budget Book
2014 Budget – 1st Supplemental
2014 Budget – 2nd Supplemental


2013 Budget Book
2013 Budget - 1st Supplemental
2013 Budget - 2nd Supplemental
2013 Budget - 3rd Supplemental
2013 Budget - 4th Supplemental


2012 Adopted Budget
2012 Budget in Brief
2012 Amended Budget - 1st Supplemental
2012 Amended Budget - 2nd Supplemental
2012 Amended Budget - 3rd Supplemental
2012 Amendmend Budget - 4th Supplemental
2012 Amended Budget - 5th Supplemental



Contingency Log

There are times during the year when external events and/or unanticipated operational requirements or opportunities stimulate a request for contingency funds.

Contingency funds are part of the adopted budget. These funds are used for expenditures that could not have been reasonably foreseen at the time of the annual budget adoption.

Following are the criterion for assessing the use of contingency funds:

  • Is there capacity to fund the need within the existing operating budget of the Office of Department?
  • Is there an alternative funding source?
  • Is there an urgent need?
    • Must this be funded within the current budget year or can it wait and be funded in the subsequent year’s budget?
    • Must this be funded within the current budget year or can it wait and be funded in the subsequent year’s budget?
  • What is at risk should the expenditure be delayed to the following year?
  • Has it received proper authorization?
    • Has it received County Manager approval for amounts up to $100,000?
    • Has it received Board approval for amounts over $100,000?

2014 Contingency Log - 2nd Quarter

2014 Contingency Log - 1st Quarter

2013 Contingency Log

2012 Contingency Log

2011 Contingency Log


County Debt


Debt Summary

Douglas County's current total debt is $40.9 million (interest included). Click on the “Debt Summary” link above to see a spreadsheet summarizing our current outstanding debt.

The County's current debt is solely dedicated for road improvements ($11.1 m) and open space/parks ($29.8 m). These are special revenue obligations secured by pledged revenues from voter approved sales and use tax. We have leveraged this debt by using it to gain funding from partners, such as CDOT and GOCO. The Hwy 85/C470 flyover, Ridgegate Road, and Greenland Ranch are all excellent examples of leveraging these dollars. GOCO has provided almost $39 million in grants to Douglas County since 1995.

In January 2011, Fitch (a national rating agency) assigned to Douglas County an implied general obligation bond rating of AA+. In their press release they note: "The implied GO rating reflects the county's strong general credit characteristics, evidenced by a history of large financial reserves, conservative budgeting, and effective cost controls." They go on to note that, "The County's financial operations are sound, marked by consistently positive variances and very high reserves." In May of 2012 an additional review of the County’s credit rating was done by Standard & Poors that affirmed the AA+ credit rating with a continued stable outlook for the future.

Douglas County has no general obligation debt and no outstanding certificates of participation.

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