Notices of Administrative Decision

This page contains a listing of final administrative land use decisions that have been recently made by Planning Services in accordance with the provisions of the Douglas County Zoning and Subdivision Resolutions.  Such decisions include approval or denial of administrative replats such as lot line and building envelope adjustments, new and revised site improvement plans, administrative variances, and administrative special use requests.

Specific “Notices of Administrative Decision” were mailed to those property owners located immediately adjacent to the reference project.  Copies of those notices, along with project links, are provided on this web page as a courtesy to the general public for information purposes.

You may click on the project name to see the actual mailed notice, or on the project number to view more information on the request.  Decisions and project links will be kept on this page for a minimum of 30 days.

Please go to our PRO website for more information on these projects:

Project Name Notice of Decision Date
Project Number
River Canyon Filing 1-A, Lots 47 and 48 03/20/17 SB2017-006
Surrey Ridge Unit 3, Lots 5 and 6, Block F 03/14/17 SB2017-008
Cottonwood Filing 10B, 1st Amendment, Lot 21 03/03/17 SB2017-007
Roxborough Park North, Lot 130 02/24/17 SB2016-079
Highlands Ranch Filing 119A, 3rd Amd 02/21/17 SB2017-002
Dalton Subdivision 3rd Amd, Lot 1A-2 02/21/17 SP2016-075
Bell Mountain Ranch Filing 1-A, Lot 3 02/16/17 SB2017-005
8257 Blakeland Dr. and Blakeland Industrial Park, Outlot A, 3rd Revision 02/14/17 SP2016-119
Lincoln Creek Village Filing 1, 6th Amendment, Lots 1-60 and Tracts A-K 02/09/17 SP2015-038

Other Administrative Decisions

The following is a list of other decisions made by the Planning Services Director which, due to their minor nature and streamlined review period as set forth in the Douglas County Zoning and Subdivision Resolutions, do not require the mailing of notices to adjacent property owners. These decisions include, but are not limited to, the following types of requests: class II home occupation permits; seasonal use permits; site improvement plan modifications; sketch plan, preliminary plan, and site improvement plan approval period extensions; and plat recordation deadline extensions. A summary of each decision, along with a project link, is provided below as a courtesy to the general public and will be maintained on this web page for a period of not less than 30 days.

Please go to PRO for more information on these projects:

Project Name and Summary
Modification  Date
Project Number
Highlands Ranch Filing 127-A 1-A, 2nd Amendment, Lot 7A-1A, 4th Modification 03/16/17 SP2017-021
Highlands Ranch Filing 25-B Amended, Lot 1, 1st Revision, 1st Modification (SIP Mod) 03/14/17 SP2017-011
17305 E. Lincoln Ave., 2nd Revision, 1st Modification 03/02/17 SP2017-003
2129 N. State Highway 83, 4th Revision, 1st Modification 03/01/17 SP2017-016
Castle View Heights Amendment, Lots 10 and 11, 3rd Revision, 2nd Modification (Eligible Facility) 02/09/17 SP2017-005
922H Pawnee Trail, 1st Modification (Eligible Facility) 02/02/17 SP2016-118
9340E N. Rampart Range Rd., 3rd Revision, 2nd Modification 02/01/17 SP2017-006