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Parks, Trails & Building Grounds

Reservations and Fees

Please review our 2022 Parks and Trails Use Policy for information regarding fees, equipment, schedules, payment and much more.  To check on the availability of a field or picnic shelter, and to place a reservation, email the Douglas County Parks, Trails and Building Grounds Office at [email protected].  All fields and picnic shelters listed are ADA accessible.

For information on reserving an Open Space Trail or an Open Space Special Event Permit click here.

Douglas County is pleased to introduce a new reservation system, please use the links below to make your reservations today!

To reserve a shelter, trail or ball field:

If you are looking to make a full park reservation, dog park reservation or dock reservation, please contact our Administrator at [email protected]

Douglas County Parks

Athletic Fields

Athletic fields are reserved based on historical use. Reservation requests are processed in February for the entire year. Requests submitted after February are processed in the order in which they are received. A list of organizations that reserve Douglas County fields for organized adult and youth sports is available. Please contact individual organizations for more information on sports they provide.

Picnic Shelter Permits

Picnic shelter permits are required for any planned event of 15 or more participants at any picnic shelter. Group picnic shelters can be reserved throughout the year with a minimum of two weeks advanced notice.  Reservation requests are processed in the order in which they are received.  Permit use must be in the possession of the user on the day of the event.  Permits are non-refundable. Fees for group picnic shelters are available here.  Use of other park amenities for events, including, but not limited to, grass areas for bounce houses, volleyball nets, dunk tanks, tents, fences, gate access, etc. are subject to additional fees.

Special Event Permits

Special events are classified as an organized group having 250+ participants. Users must obtain a permit from Douglas County and provide evidence of insurance as described on page 9 of the Parks and Trails Use Policy.  To apply for a special events permit, email [email protected]

Tournament Permits

A tournament is defined as multiple teams competing in a series of games without a set schedule of opponents. All tournament rates are double the daily rate per field, per day. Douglas County will prepare fields for use, for the FIRST game only, each day to help ensure safe playing conditions. Once fields have been prepped, Douglas County will not re-prep the fields even in the event of inclement weather.