Comprehensive Master Plan 2035

CMP_2035What is a Comprehensive Master Plan?

Douglas County’s Comprehensive Master Plan is an evolving document that establishes a common vision for what the County will look like over the next 20 to 30 years.  The CMP provides guidance for a variety of issues that directly affect the quality of life of Douglas County residents, including creating a sense of community in existing and new development, provision of services, growth management, open space protection, transportation and water, for example.  The community vision contained in the CMP guides decision makers and helps to prioritize community values.

Comprehensive Master Plan Amendments

The Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) is a living document that, under the stewardship of the Planning Commission, evolves over time to reflect the vision and goals of the Douglas County community.  For that reason, a process exists for amending the CMP.  Amendment proposals are presented to the community for feedback through informal public meetings and a formal 35-day referral review process before being considered by the Planning Commission at a public hearing.

2035 CMP Documents

Complete CMP 2035

The document is organized by section, with corresponding maps following each section.  To open a section please click on the title.