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Aging Resources (Seniors)

Resources for older adults

Working in partnership with others in our communities, we take on tough issues for those in vulnerable situations. Local non-profits, the faith-based community, as well as the state and federal governments, work with us to help to ensure that people have services, food on the table, a roof over their heads – providing the resources and the path they need to remain self-sufficient. This is the outcome we celebrate.

Are you an older adult living in Douglas County? Do you need assistance with community resources, human services, transportation, homemaker assistance, or handyman duties around the house?

Aging Resources of Douglas County

Aging Resources of Douglas County

One of the most common challenges among older adults in Douglas County is knowing where to look for help.

That’s why we publish our Resource Guide for Aging Adults, complete with phone numbers, websites, and other contact information for the people and organizations that can help older adults get the assistance they need quickly and affordably.

To learn more about what assistance may be available, contact Resource Navigation at 303-814-4300, your first call for information and assistance.

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Douglas County Department of Human Services

Adult Protection Services

Adult Protection Services are provided to at-risk-adults aged 18 and older who, due to age or disability, are unable to protect themselves and have no one to advocate on their behalf.  The Adult Protection program deals with reports of Abuse – physical or sexual; Neglect – caregiver or self; and Financial Exploitation.  You can also learn what happens when you report adult abuse.

If you suspect mistreatment or self-neglect of an at-risk adult, and the person lives in Douglas County, immediately report the situation to the Douglas County Department of Human Services at 303-663-6270.

Food Assistance

A person or family can apply anytime for Food Assistance. Your income from employment, self-employment, child support, unemployment, Pensions, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security income, or rental income all count toward being eligible to receive assistance. Basic eligibility is calculated on the gross monthly income received before taxes have been deducted.

Emergency / General Assistance

The Douglas County General Assistance Program is intended to help with money for emergency assistance and basic living needs. The one-time emergency need to address issues of health, safety and/or well-being. To be eligible for this help, applicants must show how they can meet their future expenses.

Medical Assistance

Health First Colorado is public health insurance for low-income Coloradans, including older adults who qualify.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a simplified method for calculating income eligibility for Health First Colorado based on what is called Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI). The MAGI rules apply to eligibility determinations for CHP+ and most Medicaid programs, except for those Medicaid programs for individuals over 65 years old and/or for people who have a disability. The use of MAGI standardizes the income eligibility rules across all states.

Medicaid Information

Need to find a Medicaid provider?  Click here for more information.

Older Adult Financial Assistance

Douglas County assists eligible individuals with applications for the following adult financial assistance programs:

  • Home Care Allowance – provides financial assistance to older adults and persons with disabilities for services paid directly to a home care provider of the client’s choice.
  • Old Age Pension – provides financial help for residents who are age 60 or older and have little or no income and provides Medicaid for eligible applicants.

Grant Opportunities for Older Adult Service ProvidersDouglas County Colorado vertical logo

Douglas County is the recipient of grant funding.  The County then makes the grant funding available to agencies who provide services to older adults.  For a list of agencies, the services they provide, and more information please contact Valerie Robson, Adult Services Program Manager at 303-814-4374 or [email protected]