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James R. Sullivan Events Center

The 29,000 square foot James R. Sullivan Events Center is a versatile state-of-the-art facility designed to cater to a wide range of events. Our adaptable venue is perfect for banquets, trade shows, conventions, meetings, and sporting competitions. You’ll work along side our professional events team throughout the process to create a memorable event.

Call 720-733-6900 to schedule a tour and to learn more. 

Event Center Flyer





Information about the James R. Sullivan Event Center

What Amenities are available?

The James R. Sullivan Event Center offers the following amenities:

  • Mic and sound system, podium and coat racks
  • On-site table and chair rental
  • Ticket window
  • Free wifi
  • 3296 sq. ft. conference room with ability to create two space
  • Commercial kitchen for rent
  • Concession window
  • Optional Bleacher seating for 1900
  • Dressing rooms with showers
  • Stage rental
  • Screen and projector rentals
  • Ample parking included for guests

How many people can the Event Center accommodate?

Depending upon set up the Event Center can accommodate:

  • Seated: 3378 (1976 on bleachers + 1400 chairs)
  • 10×10 booths: 120
  • Conference room: 220 depending upon set up

How far in advance do you take reservations?

The Douglas County Fairgrounds books events out one year. We do have many re-occurring events that have first right-of refusal for dates in the following year. We do offer a wait list for those looking for a specific date.

For more information, please contact our event staff at 720-733-6900.

What are the rental fees and security deposit?

All events at the James R. Sullivan Event Center are required to pay a $1,000 security deposit at contract signing.

  • Standard rates is $2,000/day.
  • Adjusted rates for those events collecting fees from their vendors, attendees or participants is $1500 + % of fees that are collected.
  • Non-profit rate is $1,000/day + surcharges.

For more information, please contact our event staff at 720-733-6900.

Event Center Gallery