DuPont Open Space

DuPont young owl 2The DuPont Company originally used adjacent lands to house both their employees and their dynamite plant in historic Louviers, a town named after the DuPont family’s ancestral home in France. In 2002 the company donated the land worth $3.7 million to Douglas County and The Conservation Fund.  The property is divided into two parcels:  Dupont North (506 acres) and Dupont South (349 acres).

The donated land is home to a diversity of species of wildlife, including elk and black bear, as well as a wide variety of birds. The property contains a cottonwood riparian forest, riparian shrub land, mixed foothill prairie, and rugged montane shrub land plant communities that are in good condition. The donation helped secure that an important wildlife habitat is now protected along with major wildlife movement corridors. There is  limited public access to the DuPont property from the north side of DuPont Park, as well as access openings along the fence from various locations bordering the Village of Louviers.  Special group hikes may be arranged with Douglas County.  The protected property on the south side of Louviers is owned by the DuPont Company.

Year protected: 2002
Acres: 855 acres fee simple
Land Category: Riparian Wildlife Habitat
Conservation Tool: Douglas County with conservation easements held by the Douglas Land Conservancy
Cost: $120,000 by Douglas County for miscellaneous closing costs
Partners: Dupont Company, The Conservation Fund, Douglas County and Douglas Land Conservancy
Location: West of Highway 85 in Louviers
Access: DuPont Park in Louviers; guided hikes by Douglas County