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Daniels Park – Denver’s Mountain Park in Douglas County

The establishment of Daniels Park dates back to a generous donation of 1,000 acres – 38 acres in 1920 and 962 acres in 1937 —  to the City of Denver by Florence Martin.

Best known for its bison herd, Daniels Park is a Denver Mountain Park, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Home to historic ranch structures, Daniels Park is the site where Kit Carson was said to have made his last campfire. It is also home to the Tall Bull Memorial Grounds cultural area.

Denver and Douglas County Intergovernmental Agreement Established

Eighteen years ago, Denver (Park owner) and Douglas County (who maintains the road) became partners – focused on a shared goal – to restore Daniels Park, Denver’s scenic and historic property in Douglas County.

In 2007 the partnership resulted in the Daniels Parks Master Plan.

From 2008–2009 Douglas County performed the first phase of improvements to Daniels Park Road. Then a new trail and trailhead opened in 2014. Construction of additional trails, parking lots, and bison-viewing areas continued through the years, including the most recent round of improvements in August 2018 – the re-design and paving of the Daniels Park Road within the park, making available an additional 21 acres of park space that accommodated the construction of a two-mile trail parallel to the road as well as four new, paved parking lots – creating 50 parking spaces.

Additional improvements to the Park are expected as part of the partnership between Denver and Douglas County.

For more information, please contact the Denver Mountain Parks Office at 720-865-0900.