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Trail Ratings

Have you ever needed a bit of help deciding which trail to choose when you are at a Douglas County Open Space property?

Maybe you want to be sure to choose a trail that is a comfortable match for your skill level, or you are ready to try something that will challenge you a bit. The Douglas County Open Space Trail Ratings can help you make the most of your visit.

Trails may be rated as easy, moderate, or challenging – look for a Trail Ratings sign at the Open Space trailhead and then watch for markers at the start of each trail.  You will find trail rating markers on all routes of Douglas County Open Space trails.

All Open Space trails are family-friendly and open to hiking, biking and horseback riding and are rated with all three in mind. Remember to stay on the marked trails at all times.

Trail Ratings:

Trail rating - easyEasy
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Gentle climbs with few obstacles
  • Relatively wide, stable trail
Trail rating - moderateModerate
  • Suitable for intermediate skills
  • Steeper climbs with obstacles
  • Narrowing trail, mostly stable
Trail rating - difficultChallenging
  • Suitable for advanced skills
  • Steep climbs with many obstacles
  • Technical trail, less stable

Trails are rated by scoring a variety of characteristics such as maximum elevation and elevation gain or loss, average grade, obstacles, width, slope and stability to determine the difficulty and assign the rating.

Please be aware that trail conditions may change due to weather or other factors and beware of emerging obstacles.  Douglas County trail ratings