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Douglas County releases final, unofficial General Election results

Unofficial results of Castle Rock Mayor race are outside the margin of an automatic recount.

Following the largest midterm election voter turnout in the County’s history, Douglas County released final, unofficial General Election results of all 83 contests within the County, including the Castle Rock Mayor race.

Unofficial results for the Castle Rock Mayor race are outside the margin of an automatic recount.

By state law, a recount of any election contest is required when the difference between the highest number of votes cast, and the next highest number of votes cast in an election contest is less than or equal to one-half of one percent (.50) of the highest vote cast.

With more than 179,500 ballots voted countywide, and approximately 27,000 votes cast in the Castle Rock mayoral race, candidate Jason E. Gray received 11,061 votes; and candidate Randy A. Reed received 11,004 votes, with 57 votes separating the two candidates for Mayor.

By law the Election process is not complete until:  1) a post-election audit is completed by Douglas County in cooperation with the Secretary of State; and 2) the County’s Board of Canvass certifies the Election results. A recount cannot occur until after the November 26 certification of election results by the County Board of Canvass.

Final, unofficial results of Douglas County’s 2018 General Election may also be found on

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