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Engineering Criteria Manuals

Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control Manual (GESC) / Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control (DESC)
The GESC and DESC programs are provided for a streamlined permitting and inspection process geared towards ensuring compliance with the pertinent environmental regulations for construction activities in unincorporated Douglas County.

Roadway Design and Construction Standards  
Roadway Standards are the minimum design and technical criteria for the analysis and design of roadway facilities.  All subdivisions, resubdivisions, planned developments, or any other proposed construction submitted for acceptance under the provisions of the Douglas County Subdivision Resolution (hereinafter called Resolution), or 35-acre land survey plats, shall include adequate roadway system analysis and appropriate roadway system design.  Such analysis and design shall conform to the criteria set forth herein.

Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria Manual
The Douglas County Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria Manual present the policies and minimum technical criteria for the planning, analysis, and design of storm drainage systems within unincorporated Douglas County. All drainage reports and plans, drainage system analyses, and drainage system designs, submitted as a requirement of the Douglas County Zoning or Subdivision Resolutions, shall comply with these criteria.

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