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Public Works

Grading, Drainage and Erosion Control (GESC/DESC)

Greenland Open Space with dirt road and clouds with blue sky

The GESC and DESC programs are pertinent to complying with the environmental regulations for construction activities in unincorporated Douglas County. They provide for a streamlined permitting and inspection process. DESC Permit submittal occurs during your building permit application.

The Douglas County Drainage, Erosion, and Sediment Control (DESC) criteria are contained within Section 8 of the Douglas County Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control (GESC) Manual, as amended.


Manual Sections



Cover Page (updated July 2019) 
Overview of Manual (updated January 2017)
Table of Contents (updated July 2019) 
Acknowledgments (updated June 2022) 

Opinion of Probable Cost Worksheet


Appendix A-Contact List

Contact List  (Updated May 2013)

Appendix B-Standard Notes and Details

*Note – The Douglas County GESC Plan Standard Notes and Details are provided in Adobe Acrobat format only. This ensures consistent notes and details for every project. Please ensure that all three sheets are attached to the GESC Plan sets.
GESC Plan 11 x 17 (updated January 2017)
GESC Plan 24 x 36  (updated January 2017)
DESC Plan 11 x 17 (updated January 2017)
DESC Plan 24 x 36  (updated January 2017)
Small Utility GESC Plan 11 x 17 (updated January 2017) 

Appendix D-Checklist for Developing a GESC Plan

Appendix E-Seed Mix Information

Appendix F-Douglas County Acceptance Block

Appendix G-Drawing and Report Checklist

Oil and Gas Well Site (updated May 2013)
DESC Checklist (updated May 2013)
GESC Checklist (updated May 2013)

Appendix H-Example Hold Harmless Letter

Example of Hold Harmless Letter (updated July 2019)


Appendix I-Opinion of Portable Cost Example Spreadsheet

Appendix J-Permit Applications

Appendix K-Irrevocable Letter of Credit Form

Appendix L-Release of Fiscal Security Request Form

Appendix M-Small Utility Project Notification Form