2035 Comprehensive Master Plan

CMP_2035What is a Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP)?
The CMP represents a shared vision of the citizens of Douglas County as expressed by the Planning Commission.  It seeks to find an appropriate balance in land use that will provide opportunities for preservation of open space and wildlife habitat, while meeting the needs of daily life, including jobs, housing, recreation, and services appropriate for both urban and nonurban lifestyles.  The CMP incorporates general policies about how and where growth and development should occur, while offering a broad, yet realistic plan for the County now and into the future.

Plan Implementation

The CMP is implemented in many ways.  The most common method of implementation is through the review of land use applications.  During their review, development proposals must demonstrate consistency with the goals and policies of the CMP.

2035 CMP Documents

Complete 2035 CMP

The document is organized by section, with corresponding maps following each section.  To open a section please click on the title.