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Oil and Gas

Please note that the information provided below is only a portion of the information available on oil and gas drilling and production and is not all-inclusive. Douglas County does not endorse, promote or necessarily agree with information provided on any of the linked sites and disclaims any responsibility for the information contained on the sites, with the exception of the Douglas County Zoning Resolution.

Proposed Amendments to Douglas County Regulations for Oil and Gas Well Facilities

At this time, Douglas County Planning Services and Public Works Engineering do not have any proposed amendments to regulate oil and gas facilities in Douglas County.

Douglas County Oil & Gas Production Transportation Impact Study

One of Colorado’s largest oil and gas producing shale formations is the Niobrara, which covers more than half of Douglas County. The Niobrara basin has been a highly productive source of oil and gas in Colorado’s northern front range, most notably in Weld County. To date, there has been no oil and gas drilling activity in Douglas County. However, 2011 saw a marked increase in the number of oil and gas leases obtained by oil and gas companies on properties in Douglas County.

With the recent interest by the oil and gas industry activity in Douglas County, the County commissioned an independent study of transportation impacts so that the organization could more thoroughly understand the potential impacts to the County’s roadway system should the County experience oil and gas development and production.

Because of uncertainties associated with oil and gas development in Douglas County, this study looks at three potential development scenarios (high, medium, and low) in order to provide a range of potential impacts and revenues associated with resource development in the County.

This study is not intended to predict oil and gas development, rather it is intended to provide County officials with information about the potential impacts to the transportation system and associated investment needs using an informed set of development scenarios based on the best available data in other locations in the state.

It is acknowledged that all industries have impacts on transportation systems. Douglas County chose to study the oil and gas industry due to the newness of the industry in Douglas County and because of the unique nature of the industry typically resulting in high intensity short duration traffic consisting of larger volumes of truck traffic many times in locations within the County where the roadway infrastructure is not designed to support such loads.

It is also understood that many variables went into the model used in the study and a change in any of those variables could impact the outcome.

Douglas County intends to revisit the study when, or if, oil and gas drilling and development occurs and real-world, Douglas County-based data can be substituted for previously-used data from other locations.

Douglas County Oil & Gas Production Transportation Impact Study Report